Urgent global action is needed to address the COVID-19 threat to lives and livelihoods, but this must not erode an individuals’ right to health data privacy.

The AOKpass Declaration on COVID-19 Health Data Protection (Declaration) is launched as part of GDPR Day, which celebrates the landmark data privacy protection laws that now apply in the European Union. However, this Declaration welcomes signatories and supporters globally from across all jurisdictions, industries and ecosystems that are committed to the continued protection of individual health data privacy rights in the post-COVID-19 world.

As signatories to this Declaration, we expressly support COVID-19 compliance standards and verification systems that are:
Consistently guided by the principles of strict health information protection and privacy-by-design, allowing individuals to retain full control and autonomy over their sensitive health data at all times.
Directed at supporting ongoing and coordinated recovery efforts for a safer and more efficient return to commercial activity and public community life.
Recognised and accepted across all jurisdictions and industries, applying a decentralised and standardised health information model in order to facilitate the widest possible adoption globally.
The signatories also endorse the development and implementation of the AOKpass system for COVID-19 compliance and verification, which conforms to each of the core principles outlined under this Declaration.

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading human resource solutions firm with over 35,000 staff, 6,500 offices in 60 countries and connecting more than 600,000 associates a day with businesses worldwide.

IRU, the world’s only road transport organisation and trusted voice of more than 3.5 million companies operating mobility and logistics across over 80 countries.

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