Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions to give you more information regarding AOKpass.

What is AOKpass?
How does AOKpass work?
Where can I download the AOKpass?
Where can I view the AOKpass Privacy Policy?
Where can I view the AOKpass Terms of Use?
How do I use AOKpass to create a verifiable and attested health certificate?
How do I use AOKpass to verify my current health status with third-parties?
Who are "Accredited Medical Practitioners"?
Who are the key partners for AOKpass?
Who is AOKpass Pte Ltd?
Who is the International Chamber of Commerce?
Who is International SOS?
Who is SGS Group?
What industry standards are used for AOKpass?
What are the different types of users for AOKpass?
How will AOKpass take into account any advancements and developments in medical science?
How AOKpass take account of the latest industry best practices and standards?
What industries and organisations can use AOKpass?
What is the AOKpass attestation email for the Etihad pilot?
Will AOKPass generate a new dedicated QR code for a new test/vaccination?
How are potential mistakes dealt with AOKpass?
What is "Blockchain" and the "Ethereum Blockchain"?
What is "Hash Data" used by AOKpass to anonymise personal health information?
As with any technology, there are risks associated with the use of blockchain. These are set out in detail at our Terms of Use, which you muct accept before using AOKpass.
Does AOKpass use external 3rd-party data service providers?
How is the AOKpass solution protected against cyber attacks?
Is there a cyber safety certification attached to AOKpass?
What is turnaround time for Level 4 support from team AOKpass?
Who to contact in case of non-resolution?
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