ICC AOKpass: Secure - Private - Portable

ICC AOKpass stores your immunisation and medical information locally on your phone. You can choose when and where to share it using the AOKpass peer-to-peer blockchain verification technology.

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ICC AOKpass Technology

ICC AOKpass is founded on 3 principles, privacy, security, portability. ICC AOKpass is an easy-to-use app that securely stores your immunization and medical information on your personal mobile device. Using our peer-to-peer blockchain solution, the records can be verified without sharing the details of your medical records.

ICC AOKpass is developed by ICC, AOKpass Pte Ltd and Perlin in collaboration with governments, public authorities and businesses. It is a powerful tool which is designed to complement all governmental regulation and corporate policies to facilitate back-to-work from Covid-19 restrictions.

How does it work?

1. Download AOKpass App

Download the ICC AOKpass app to your mobile device and record your details.

2. Visit a medical professional

Visit a medical professional or appointed health authority to conduct an approved medical evaluation. Your immunisation records can then be securely stored on your device.

3. Digitally verified copy

The medical professional or appointed health authority then authenticates your immunity records via the AOKpass system. Since this is securely stored only on your mobile device, there is no centralized external storage of your medical information.

4. Display your AOKpass when verification is needed

You can now choose to share your information at the time of your choosing. The verifier scans your phone and receives a confirmation from a digital signature stored within the blockchain. Your medical records remain hidden.


The world’s largest business organization representing 45 million companies and more than 1.2 billion employees globally, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is uniquely positioned to effectively encourage the uptake of standards like AOKpass at scale.

International SOS is the world's largest medical and travel security services firm, with two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500 companies as clients, 5 million assistance calls every year, 11,000 employees in 1,000 locations in 90 countries worldwide. 1,400 are full-time doctors and 200 are security specialists.


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Easily verifiable COVID-19 compliance status on your device

ICC AOKpass provides you with a digitally authenticated, secure and portable copy of your COVID-19 compliance status, approved by a medical professional and accessible only by you.

Use ICC AOKpass to verify your own compliance status or to verify the compliance status of others. The app empowers the user to be both a record holder and verifier using the same application.

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Be a verifier

Contact us now to learn more about how ICC AOKpass can help your business or organisation navigate the COVID-19 pandemic more safely and responsibly using highly secure blockchain technology, privacy preserving techniques and best practice standards.

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